"Win 2017" TOPLI wallpaper won the "Sina home users trust brand" in the year 2016!Source: Release time:2017-01-14

In January 5, 2017, TOPLI was invited to attend the "win 2017 wallpaper" Locke Home Furnishing North China Innovation Summit, Chairman Yang Ji attended the summit opening ceremony.

TOPLI wallpaper to fashion original product design, excellent product quality, quality of service concept won the "2016 Sina home users trust brand" title.

2017.1.6 Sina 2016 Sina home users trust brand.

TOPLI wallpaper won the 2016 Sina home users trust brand title

TOPLI wallpaper under the leadership of chairman Yang Ji, will continue in the western fashion elements, the introduction of TOPLI Technology International wallpaper wallpaper products research and development, and the development of enterprises and brand image simultaneously, making TOPLI not only in the national distribution field, national engineering field, as well as the national network of sales have gained trust and the support of consumers.

These are inseparable from the management and instructions of chairman Yang Ji. The summit, TOPLI wallpaper chairman - Yang Ji was named the 2016 China home industry influential figures".

2017.1.6 Sina home 2016 annual China home industry influential figure.

TOPLI chairman - Yang won the 2016 annual China home industry influential figure title

TOPLI wallpaper adhering to the "quality of survival to innovation and development to provide first-class products and satisfactory service" business philosophy, based on the individual needs of consumers, the development of innovative products in the first place, and constantly improve the products and service level, to meet the market demand of a modern quality.

The new year, TOPLI will continue to focus on the development and innovation of wallpaper, create more beautiful indoor fashion.


"Win 201...

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